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about kathryn

Kathryn Franco is a hard-working, tried-and-true Buffalonian. Kathryn was raised in Buffalo on the lower West Side to working class parents, both of whom are educators. She’s now called the Ken-Bailey neighborhood home for almost a decade. As a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and resident she sees that our city could and should be so much more. 

A social worker and public health advocate, she knows that safe affordable housing, well-paid jobs, clean air and water, healthy food, quality public transportation, fairness and justice for all are essential to community well-being and public safety. 

Kathryn has proven her community-oriented values by working in the City of Buffalo to advocate for resources for all, especially for our most vulnerable neighbors: serving our children in our schools, urging our elected officials to make community-oriented decisions, and holding banks accountable to our neighborhoods. She knows what it is to speak truth to power and isn’t afraid to speak out. 

Kathryn believes in solidarity, mutual aid, and the power of the people. She believes that those closest to the issues have the solutions. Kathryn is running to represent the University District on Buffalo's Common Council because it's time for city decision-makers to prioritize the voices and concerns of everyday people.

With over a decade of experience in Buffalo's non-profit arena, working in the realm of HIV/AIDS, with youth, for LGBTQ+ communities of color, and policy and research, this experience allows Kathryn to meet people where they are as experts in their own lives. Because of this, Kathryn knows that those closest to the issues know best how to resolve them and believes that community should be centered in policy-making decisions. 

Kathryn is passionate about running for the University District Common Council seat because she knows that everyday people should be prioritized and involved in decisions that impact them. Buffalo has and continues to be a diverse yet segregated city with noticeable gaps of wealth and access. Now more than ever residents need proactive and thoughtful policy to protect and improve the quality of our lives. Kathryn is eager to co-creating a Buffalo that is built and thrives for all of its residents, not just the few. 

Focused on a holistic approach to the issues of the City, Kathryn brings the opportunity for action, a new perspective, and a critical lens to help our City grow for the benefit of all of its residents.  Her experience, drive, passion, and keen desire to work for and with communities makes her the right choice for the University District Common Council member.

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