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public safety

People want to feel safe in their neighborhoods. In addressing public safety, we must acknowledge that often times, we keep each other safe and that the communities with the most resources are often the safest ones. In our process of reimagining what public safety looks like we need:
  • Community Responder Teams
    • Community responder teams (CRTs) are first responders, just  like firefighters and police officers. They are a team of health  professionals and trained peers that would address mental health and other community issues that are non-criminal in nature. 
  • A department of Community Safety that is dedicated to addressing neighborhood level concerns.
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans for the city and its residents
    • this would address adverse weather events like the Blizzard of '22 to ensure road safety, resident safety, first responder response, warming stations, generators at schools and community centers in addition to widespread education and awareness about what to do in such adverse events. ​

community-driven policy & investment

It's critical to prioritize community members, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our city is growing and this is a good thing. As it grows, we want to ensure that development happens without displacement, that we support our local economy, engage in green initiatives, and invest in the things that matter most to us. This happens through:
  • Inclusionary zoning
    • Ensuring that we have actually affordable housing for those who live and work in our city​
    • Mixed use properties that support our growing small business sector
  • Participatory budgeting
    • giving residents democratic decision-making power in how our taxpayer money is spent​
  • Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs)
    • When big developers want to develop in our neighborhoods, residents should be given a seat at the decision-making table, instead of being consulted after decisions have already been made​
  • Secure funding to

    • Support the creation of worker owned cooperatives

    • Create a revolving loan fund for small business repairs

  • Invest deeper and greater into our quality of life

    • More usable parks with shade, activities, and learning opportunities like native and edible gardens

    • Increase the knowledge and opportunity for our elders and youth through community centers while creating tailored programs dictated by residents


safe, affordable housing

Buffalo is experiencing a massive housing crisis. The rent is too high, small landlords and homeowners can’t keep up with home repairs, and first time homebuyers can’t afford to buy. We need innovative solutions to create stable and vibrant neighborhoods that address both today and tomorrow’s needs. To ensure everyone has safe, affordable housing we need:
  • Preservation and maintenance of City owned properties
  • Increased tenant and homeowner protections
    • Good Cause Eviction (S305)​
      • Good landlords only evict when there are lease violations, non-payment or other justified reasons. Good Cause Eviction protects tenants from situations that don't fall under these
    • Implement Proactive Rental Inspections
      • Keep tenants safe and holds bad actors accountable
    • Rental assistance and home repair funds

      • Available to eligible tenants, landlords, and homeowners 

  • Tax Foreclosure protection and City of Buffalo Auction Reform
    • Offer automatic payment plans for those who fall behind​ & increase the threshold for foreclosure
    • Provide access to surplus funds 
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