our university district


criminal justice reform

Focus on continuing to build relationships with law enforcement, creating trust through engagement. Police are charged to serve and protect and that requires accountability and collaboration.
We need:
  • Community Policing
  • Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)
  • Training on deescalation and Trauma Informed Care 

responsible development and investment

Prioritize community members, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our City is growing and this is a good thing. As it grows, we want to ensure that development happens without displacement. This happens through:
  • Inclusionary zoning
  • Maintenance and promotion of mixed income neighborhoods
  • Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs)

community-driven policies

Ensure organization and engagement of all sections of the district to keep residents informed about happenings in and out of their neighborhoods. This allows for thoughtful policy driven by the needs and concerns of the people, while also informing larger concerns to be addressed citywide. All of this begins with:
  • Town Halls
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Consistent communication

safe, affordable housing

Every resident deserves to live in clean, safe and affordable housing whether renting or owning. As our city grows, we are witnessing a sharp rise in housing costs for home ownership and rentals. This is putting a strain on and making affordable housing options scarce. Housing is a basic need and human right. We need:
  • Preservation and maintenance of City owned properties
  • Increased tenant and homeowner protections
  • Tax Foreclosure Reform